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Industrial fan Blower systemJust wrapped up a fan blower system where the customer needed to create and maintain a constant pressure inside a closed space where there was not 100% seal. We put together a fan blower system package that included the following:

  • inline intake filter
  • duct
  • blower
  • drive
  • sensor
  • pre-wired
  • tubing
  • run test prior to ship verify functionality

The customer chose to install themselves with the remote technical assistance of Indventech. It was a fun little project that removed many potential concerns. The customer simply receives the blower, connects the electric, and starts using. All the guesswork is removed.

While Indventech does perform turnkey systems, we also are comfortable doing as much or as little as the customer requires. We sell products. We sell service. It’s up to you how much of each you want to use. Being a rep, dealer, and producer, we consider ourselves one of the best values in industrial ventilation.

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