Parts and Accessories



Because of our background in manufacturing, we are comfortable with all aspects of your fan or dust collection system. We can provide replacement propellers, wheels, filters, silencers, and custom made parts. Due to our understanding of parts and accessories, we’re the top business to call on in Greer, SC for repair and field services.

Our professionals can promptly fix your faulty industrial fan, malfunctioning dust collector, or damaged blower. Whether your fan needs a new part to get back up and running again or your dust collector needs a new filter, we can get the job done in a timely manner.

Contact us for standard and custom industrial fan, blower, HVLS, & ventilation parts including:

  • Custom Hood
  • Inlet box / transition
  • Wall / yoke mount
  • Belt / Shaft guard
  • Roof curb
  • Dampers / valves
  • Companion flange
  • Rotary airlock
  • Louvers
  • Duct
  • Shaft heat slinger / cooler
  • Knife gate
  • Flexible expansion joint
  • Silencer / muffler
  • Filter box
  • Sound enclosure

We come fully equipped for the job at hand, with dampers and valves, rotary airlocks, ducts, filter boxes, louvers, and so many other parts and accessories. Turn to us like so many clients have since our establishment for prompt, precise, and affordable repair, installation, and field service.