Welding Ventilation Systems

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Why are Welding Ventilation Systems Important?

Exposure to welding gases, smoke and fumes can be dangerous for workers’ health, even causing lasting damage which is why it’s important to have the experts at Indventech install welding ventilation systems. These toxins can come from material handling equipment or welding smoke — the effects of two essential equipment types in the welding profession.

Since working in this environment is unavoidable for your workers, proper ventilation is essential for employee health. Learn more about how your welding shop can benefit from Indventech’s ventilation technology.

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The Hazards of Welding

It is challenging for welders to avoid risks, as these are a necessary part of their job. However, if fumes are not contained or filtered properly, welders can be in danger of:

Health Issues

Overexposure to fumes can eventually cause brain, lung and nervous system damage. While these symptoms may be mild at first, they can become more severe the longer the exposure continues. Specifically, common side effects include:

  • Irritated nasal passages, lungs and throat
  • Sinus issues
  • Anemia
  • Asthma
  • Lead poisoning
  • Hearing loss

In more extreme cases, long-term risks include:

  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Cancer
  • Kidney failure
  • Emphysema

Extreme Heat

Welders are at a higher risk of heat stress and exhaustion than most industry workers. This is due to their close contact with fire and need for bulky protective equipment that doesn’t ventilate well. These extreme heat conditions are especially harmful in the summer, as humidity and outside temperatures contribute to the overall heat.

Increase Employee Safety With Welding Ventilation

Instead of enduring harmful exposures, increase employee safety with a welding ventilation system. Proper ventilation encourages natural or forced fresh air movement, reducing high fume and gas levels in the working area. Simply working outdoors does not always guarantee adequate ventilation. Consider installing fans in your welding garage or warehouse to keep your employees healthy.

Indventech Is Your Leader in Ventilation Technology

At Indventech, we have several options for effective ventilation. Browse our selection of the following exhaust systems:

  • Wall exhaust panel fans: Indventech’s wall exhaust panel fans come in light and heavy-duty options to best fit your welding shop. We also have belt and direct-driven options for quiet operation so you can remain focused on what matters.
  • Duct fans: Install duct fans within your welding shop’s current ductwork to encourage airflow through your entire space. These fans can handle hot air — some up to 375 degrees Fahrenheit — and are ideal for fume and smoke removal.
  • Roof exhaust fans: Our industrial roof exhaust fans are highly effective in removing smoke, heat and fumes from your workspace. These exhaust fans work best alongside an axial duct fan and can come in a hooded model.
  • Source capture blower: Connect our standard OR custom blower fan to either your duct/hood or ours to exhaust the welding fumes and smoke outside your facility and away from your worker. Our blower options give you the necessary air volume AND pressure you need to capture these fumes and smoke. Need help with your hood? We can design and supply this too.

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Indventech began in 2009 to fill a needed gap between users and manufacturers of ventilation technology. Today, we solve the most complex ventilation issues in industrial settings, such as your welding shop.

As a leader in ventilation system technology, we can guide you in finding the right exhaust fan for your welding shop. We also provide additional resources for individual research opportunities to ensure you make the most-informed decision.

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