Industrial Exhaust Fans and Ventilation


In an industrial facility, it is important to maintain a safe and healthy working environment for employees. Achieving this goal entails several considerations—including preserving air quality in enclosed settings regularly exposed to heat, humidity, exhaust, and airborne chemicals, all of which severely impact breathability. For these situations, fans and blowers play a critical role as they expel poor quality air from and introduce clean air into a facility.

With these concerns in mind, the Indventech team provides a wide range of industrial fans and blowers to suit the needs of various customers, such as flow direction, flow speed, and volume capacity. Our product offerings—including centrifugal and axial fans—find use in applications across a diverse set of industries, such as biotechnology, education, food and beverage, manufacturing, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, and wastewater treatment.

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Types of Industrial Fans and Blowers

When incorporated into industrial ventilation systems, both blowers and fans enhance airflow and improve air quality. However, while they are similar in function, they operate under slightly different principles. Fans facilitate air movement through the use of rotating blades, which allow for low-pressure generalized air circulation. On the other hand, blowers use a wheel to propel air at higher speeds in a specific direction.

Fans are typically manufactured in one of two designs:

types of industrial fans and blowers

Centrifugal Fans

Centrifugal fans use blades rotating at high speeds to increase the speed and pressure of air passing through them. The air exiting the fan moves at a 90-degree angle to its entrance direction. Due to their higher pressure capacities, they are often used in corrosive or harsh environments, where chemicals, dirt, humidity, and other contaminants may be heavily present in the air.

Centrifugal fans can be engineered with forward-curved or backward-curved blades. Forward-curved blades move small air volumes with less noise, while backward-curved ones offer faster airspeeds and greater volume capacities for enhanced operating efficiency.

Axial Fans

Similar to centrifugal fans, axial fans use blades to move air; however, the intake and discharge of air occur in the same direction. They are ideal for moving large amounts of low-pressure clean air in applications that require regular flow into and out of a space. Typical use cases include exhaust and ventilation systems for warehouses, paint booths, furnaces, and wastewater pump stations.


Applications for Industrial Fans and Blowers

Industry professionals in virtually every sector employ the use of fans and blowers to facilitate their operations. Some of the most common industrial applications include:

  • Manufacturing: Fans and blowers are used in manufacturing facilities to reduce noise and control airborne dust and fumes.
  • Oil and gas: Oil and gas facilities include fans in their ventilation systems to control high temperatures and minimize excess noise.
  • Pharmaceutical and biotechnology: Pharmaceutical and biotechnology operations employ fans to maintain air quality and contain potentially hazardous compounds.
  • Power generation and distribution: The power industry requires fans to ventilate enclosed areas and reduce overall operational noise.
  • Research and education: Research labs use fans to ensure they meet air quality standards and reduce the risk of airborne contaminants spreading.
  • Wastewater treatment: Fans and blowers are often used in wastewater treatment facilities to control odors and unwanted airborne contaminants.

Both axial and centrifugal fans are employed in these industries for numerous reasons, such as ensuring air quality, expelling fumes and contaminants, reducing noise, and preventing the start and spread of fire.

Industrial Fans and Blowers from Indventech

At Indventech, we offer a wide range of industrial fans and blowers. Our product selection includes:

In addition to our product offerings, we offer repair, servicing, and installation services for all of our fans and blowers. For more information about our industrial fan and blower products and services, contact us or request a quote today.