Industrial Wall Exhaust Fans

Industrial Wall Exhaust Fans

Wall exhaust fans are industrial-sized fans that remove stale air, dust, smoke, excess heat, moisture and other containments from a workspace. This simultaneously makes an area more comfortable for those working inside and makes the space safer and healthier, as some airborne contaminants can be harmful. Because exhaust fans are necessary for such a wide range of applications, there are various types of wall exhaust fans, including exhaust panel and shutter fans.

Learn more about the kinds of wall exhaust panel fans and what information to consider when searching for the right wall exhaust fan for your facility.

Industrial Wall Exhaust Panel Fans

When space is limited, exhaust fans can be mounted into frames on your wall. Indventech offers numerous panel exhaust fans for commercial and industrial applications. Our selection of wall exhaust panel fans includes:

    • Belt Drive 600/700 Series: This commercial-duty exhaust fan is ideal for warehouse or factory ventilation. The Model 600/700 wall mount exhaust fans are intended for general intake and exhaust requirements. Because these fans are belt-driven, they operate quietly to avoid disrupting your employees.
    • Belt Drive 800 Series: The Model 800 is a heavy-duty wall vent fan capable of moving large volumes of air. Even in low static pressures, Model 800 panel fans provide effective exhaust and intake for continuous use. These fans are also belt-driven to support quiet operation.
    • Direct Drive 900 Series: For high static pressure applications like removing smoke, dust and fumes, the Model 900 Direct Drive fans are ideal. These fans are dependable and require little maintenance so you can maximize your time and resources where they matter most.
    • Direct Drive Model 900 CAF: The Model 900 CAF exhaust fan is intended for applications that require filtered exhaust and intake air. Using high capacity filters and OSHA-compliant prop guards, these direct drive filtered wall exhaust fans will help keep your workspaces safe during your operations.

Indventech exhaust fans can help improve the safety and health of commercial and industrial work environments. Areas with poor air circulation and ventilation will benefit from our exhaust panel fans as they bring fresh air into the work area and remove harmful contaminants and odors.

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Industrial Wall Exhaust Fans With Shutters

Industrial Wall Exhaust Fans With Shutters

An industrial exhaust fan with shutters features louvers that open when the fan is in operation and close when the fan is turned off. The shutters help regulate flow and ventilation, deter pests and animals from entering through the fan and help prevent external air from entering the facility. Designed for removing stale air from enclosed workspaces, they’re most often installed as through-the-wall exhaust fans. Exhaust fans with shutters can be used in many applications, including workshops, garages, warehouses, hospitals and more.

Shutter wall exhaust fans are generally low-cost, easy-to-install options for commercial and industrial facilities. A significant benefit of using shutters with industrial wall exhaust fans is that they’re able to close after removing stale air, so the clean air stays in the work area. This feature also helps reduce heating and air conditioning costs because it prevents warm or cool air from escaping while the fan isn’t in use.

Most shutters open and close automatically with the force of airflow. Some shutters are even adjustable, meaning you can change their direction to control where the air goes upon exiting a given area. Adjustable shutters are beneficial when a facility has multiple fans operating near each other, so stale air can be directed away from other fans pulling air into the work area.

What Is the Best Wall Exhaust Fan for My Needs?

Every application may require a slightly different solution. When trying to determine the best wall exhaust fan for your needs, it’s important to first consider your space and where an exhaust fan could be installed. Sometimes, it’s best to get a professional consultation. Then, think about your options — consider the fan’s specifications and features, including aspects like:

  • Fan model: While all fans move air from one location to another, there are different models of fans depending on your needs. Be sure to compare belt and direct drive fans and propeller and centrifugal fans. Additionally, note where the fan will be mounted — either the roof, a wall or a duct.
  • Air volume flow rate: The volume of air the fan can move will also determine which fan will work most efficiently in your space. The flow rate is measured by CFM, or cubic feet per minute. Finding a fan with an adequate CFM ensures it will remove air and containments at a necessary rate for the application.
  • Noise level: Considering the level of noise the fan will make is also an important consideration. Some fans are louder than others due to their design or features. For example, fans that operate on a belt drive tend to be quieter than direct drive fans. Consider how the noise level will affect your operations.
  • Resistance to airflow: The resistance to airflow a fan experiences refers to its static pressure. Static pressure is important to consider because when static pressure is high, a fan has to use more power to move the same amount of air.

Assessing a fan’s specifications can help you determine what the best fan will be for your specific commercial or industrial facility.

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