Industrial Belt Drive Fans in South Carolina

There are two types of drive mechanisms in industrial fans: direct drive and belt drive. A direct drive fan connects directly to the motor shaft. By contrast, a belt drive fan uses a belt to transfer energy from the motor to the fan.

One of the top advantages of a belt drive fan is speed flexibility. With a belt drive fan, you can change the speed by adjusting the system’s sheaves and pulleys. This ability allows you to adapt to new or different airflow requirements easily.

Since the fan speed can be less than the motor speed, belt drive fans often produce less noise, which can help create a less distracting work environment. Also, the belt might take more wear and tear than the motor since it’s attached to the fan, which could help extend the motor’s life.

Simply said, if you need an economical fan that can adapt to changes, a belt drive fan may be the way to go. Here’s a rundown of various large belt-driven fans:

Belt Drive Wall or Panel Exhaust Fans

Do you need to save floor space? You can mount belt drive wall exhaust fans to the frame of your facility’s walls and leave the workspace open. Wall exhaust fans can be part of an effective ventilation system that brings fresh air in and pushes contaminated air out. At Indventech, we offer the Belt Drive 600/700 Series and the Belt Drive 800 Series Wall Exhaust Fans:

600/700 Series

Our economical 600/700 Series Wall or Panel Exhaust Fans are ideal for light-duty ventilation or general exhaust applications in a warehouse or manufacturing setting. We offer various blade sizes, motor power ratings and fan speeds to meet your specifications. All of our wall exhaust fans include sealed lubricated bearings, a totally enclosed, fan-cooled (TEFC) motor and durable steel blades. They also come fully assembled and ready to install.

Some items from this series include:

  • Item # 624-⅓-1: The 624 Fan features a 24-inch blade diameter and a ⅓ horsepower (hp) motor that operates at 825 revolutions per minute (rpm).
  • Item # 636-⅓-1: The 636 Fan has a 36-inch blade diameter, ⅓ hp motor and 425 rpm fan speed.
  • Item # 736-2-1: The 736 Fan has a 36-inch blade diameter, 2 hp motor and 830 rpm fan speed.
  • Item #760-2-1: The 760 Fan features a large 60-inch blade diameter, 2 hp motor and 320 rpm fan speed.

800 Series

800 Series

Our Belt Drive 800 Series Wall Exhaust Fans are designed for effectively handling large volumes of air. These heavy-duty fans are constructed with high-quality parts and are ready to operate continuously as exhaust or intake fans. With our 800 Series Fans, you can expect fully welded supports, a precision-balanced steel propeller, lubricated sealed bearings and an industrial-quality TEFC motor.

Examples of fans in our 800 Series include:

  • Item #824-¼: The 824 Fan has a 24-inch blade diameter, ¼ hp motor and 780 rpm fan speed.
  • Item #836-⅓: The 836 Fan has a 36-inch blade diameter, ⅓ hp motor and 460 rpm fan speed.
  • Item #854-¾: The 854 Fan has a 54-inch blade diameter, ¾ hp motor and 350 rpm fan speed.
  • Item #860-5: The 860-5 Fan has a 60-inch blade diameter, 5 hp motor and 540 rpm fan speed.

Belt Drive Upblast Exhaust Fans

Do you need to shoot contaminated air up and away from your building? You can install a belt-driven upblast exhaust fan on your facility’s roof or wall to remove toxic air or water vapors.

Upblast exhaust fans are commonly used in commercial and industrial applications involving fumes, grease or smoke. These fans help keep the air clean, cool and dry, creating a safer and more comfortable environment for employees.

We offer two models of belt drive upblast exhaust fans: Model BRV and Model BRV8.

Moreover, model BRV is specially designed to remove heat, smoke and fumes. It features a heavy-duty steel propeller, combination weather cover and belt guard and removable gravity butterfly damper for easy access to the blades. The motor components are located outside of the airstream, away from hot, moist air.

We offer various Model BRV fan sizes, ranging from 18- to 60-inch blade diameters.

Our Model BRV8 fans are engineered for general ventilation needs and quiet operation. Like Model BRV, these fans provide easy propeller access and industrial-grade construction.

Belt Drive Duct Fans

Belt drive duct fans are installed inside heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) ducts. These fans improve the HVAC system’s efficiency and make it easier to heat or cool a large space, such as a factory or warehouse with high ceilings. Duct fans also ensure constant airflow and help remove toxins from the air.

Additionally, our Model BCS Belt Drive Duct Fans come in various sizes with a range of fan speeds and power capabilities. They are designed for use in high-moisture areas or environments with contaminated airstreams. With a Model BCS Duct Fan, you can remove vapors resulting from industrial washers, for example, or hot air up to 225 degrees Fahrenheit — or up to 375 degrees F with the high-temperature package. These duct fans are also available with stainless steel construction to handle especially harsh environments.

Our Model B Belt Drive Duct Fans were built to move dry air up to 180 degrees F. These fans feature a spark-resistant propeller, maintenance-free sealed bearings and an adjustable motor base.

Belt Drive Pressure Blowers

Industrial pressure blowers create powerful airflow and are meant to move air in a specific direction. You might think of a pressure blower as a machine used to move air through a high-resistance system, like ductwork. With a belt-drive pressure blower, you can efficiently produce great volumes of air for drying, conveying, ventilating and cooling. These types of fans are commonly used as part of a vacuum system to remove dust, fumes and other contaminants.

We offer various Belt-Driven Pressure Blowers for industrial applications. Our Model PWB Pressure Blowers can be used on small exhaust systems and operate at temperatures up to 180 degrees F. These pressure blowers feature self-cleaning aluminum radial blades and durable 16-gauge steel housing.

We’ll Solve Your Belt Drive Dilemma

We'll Solve Your Belt Drive Dilemma

Choosing a belt drive or direct drive fan is only part of the puzzle. There are still many factors to consider when selecting the right belt drive fan for your facility, like your ventilation system’s layout and airflow and pressure requirements.

Finally, at Indventech, we understand that choosing an industrial fan can be a complicated process, and we’re here to help. We’ll consider your unique ventilation needs and offer a solution that works for you and your employees. From fan selection to installation, we got you covered.

Contact us today to get support for your industrial exhaust fan needs or browse our catalog.