Dust Collectors

At Indventech, we offer standard and custom dust collection systems and filters for use in industrial and commercial applications. Industry professionals use this equipment to collect and remove dust and other particulates in process air and gas to improve the quality of emissions to comply with industry regulations.

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Benefits of Dust Collection Systems

By using dust collection systems in their facilities, industry professionals benefit from the following:

Better air quality

Dust collection systems remove combustible dust and other solid contaminants from air, resulting in improved air quality levels and, consequently, better employee health and safety.

Lower risk of equipment damage

Lower dust levels reduce the risk of machine damage due to dust accumulation and the likelihood of a fire starting and spreading.

Cleaner operations

Removing dust and other particulates from process air and gas helps keep raw materials clean and reduces the amount of material that accumulates on the floor, improving process quality and facility safety, respectively.

Smaller environmental impact

Filtering process emissions prior to release lowers a company’s negative impact on the environment.

Components of a Dust Collection System

In general, dust collection systems consist of five key components:

  • Ducting: allows dust to enter the system
  • Dust collectors: filters the air that enters the system with various filter types
  • Blower systems: creates the airflow needed for the ducting system and dust collector to perform their functions
  • Cleaning systems: cleans the dust collector’s filters
  • Discharge mechanisms: captures the dust collected for waste management or reclamation

Types of Dust Collection Systems

Beyond integrating the five components listed above, dust collection systems can vary greatly in regard to design. Some of the common types of dust collection systems available in the market today include:

  • types of dust collection systemsBaghouse: uses fabric filter bags to filter dust from air
  • Booth: provides a self-contained environment for process that produce dust and other air-borne particulates
  • Cartridge: uses a filter cartridge—i.e., a pleated filter unit—to remove dust from air
  • Cyclone: employs centrifugal force to separate dust from a gas stream
  • Downdraft table: produces a downdraft that collects fine dust particulates during manufacturing operations
  • Dropout box: slows down airflow to drop dust particulates from suspension into the collection hopper
  • Portable: allows for the dust collection system to be moved from one location to the next
  • Pulse jet: injects high-pressure air to remove collected dust from the surface of the filtration units into the collection hopper
  • Oil mist: collects, filters, and reclaims oil mist during various manufacturing operations
  • Reverse air: backflushes the filter bags with low-pressure reversed flow to remove and collect dust accumulated on the surface of the filtration units
  • Shaker: uses fabric filter bags that require manual or automated shaking to remove and collect dust
  • Suction rail: employs an extendable and mobile duct component to take in dust at the source
  • Weld fume: collects and removes weld smoke and fumes—with the help of an extraction arm or downdraft table—during welding operations
  • Wet scrubber: employs a liquid solution to collect and remove gas and particulates that are water-soluble

Applications of Dust Collection Systems

Many industrial workplaces—especially in the manufacturing sector—experience high levels of fumes that can be detrimental to both employee health and equipment performance, such as:

  • Chemical processing plants
  • Cleanrooms
  • Factories
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Welding shops
  • Woodworking shops

For these and other applications, dust collection systems play a key role in keeping staff and equipment safe.

Dust Collection Systems from Indventech

At Indventech, we offer a broad selection of standard, custom, and used dust collection systems to suit various customer needs. These systems are compatible with cartridge, oil mist, portable, booth, and other methods of dust collection. Additionally, we provide installation and repair services—including field balancing, filter service, vibration analysis, re-designs—to ensure optimal and continued performance.

For additional information about our dust collection system and other product offerings, contact us or view our product catalog today.