Commercial Building Ventilation


Proper ventilation is essential for safety and health when working in a commercial building. Ventilation cycles out the stale air from indoors and replaces it with fresh air from outdoors. This process can effectively remove pollutants in the air, reduce respiratory diseases among employees and control humidity levels.

Acting against improper building ventilation is as simple as installing industrial exhaust fans.

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Common Sources of Indoor Air Pollutants

The air quality in a commercial building can vary depending on a few factors, such as:

  • Location: Where your building is located can significantly impact your air quality. Highways can emit diesel and gas pollutants that affect nearby buildings, for example.
  • Design: If your building has design or construction flaws, it may not be adequately sealed, allowing pollutants to enter more easily. Some installation flaws could be present in your foundation, roof, windows or doors.
  • Materials: Some businesses work with materials that can decrease indoor air quality without the proper airflow. For example, nail salons can produce higher fumes that can be dangerous for employees.

Ventilation Requirements for Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings have different ventilation requirements than residential or industrial buildings. A high volume of workers and customers pass through these spaces on a daily basis, so proper building ventilation is essential. The following criteria are generalized but can be applied to any commercial building:

  • Demand control ventilation (DCV): Ventilation must be adapted to the number of people in spaces larger than 500 square feet and with a load of 40 people per 1000 square feet.
  • Satisfactory climate: Workers should have a proper oxygen content and supply of fresh air, even in underground areas. Acceptable air quality levels are met when 80% or more of the occupants are satisfied with the ventilation rates.
  • Correct placement of ventilation systems: Air vents, ducts and fans should be designed and located where pollutants cannot return in the intake.
  • Safe handling of pollutant materials: When dealing with potential air pollutants, safe handling is critical. Employees should wear protective equipment as needed, and it’s best to work with pollutants outdoors when possible. Potential pollutants include spray paint, pesticides and chemicals.

Indventech’s Ventilation Products

Indventech offers several exhaust fans for quality air ventilation in your commercial building. Our wall and roof exhaust fans range from light-duty to heavy-duty to suit any space.

Choose from any of the following wall exhaust panel fans for efficient airflow:

  • Belt Drive 600, 700 and 800
  • Direct Drive 900
  • Direct Drive 900 CAF

We also offer a range of roof exhaust fans:

  • Belt Drive Model BRV
  • Belt Drive Model BRV8
  • Hooded Model 1900 B
  • Direct Drive Model AM

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Indventech is a ventilation technology supplier dedicated to solving simple and complex ventilation issues. If you’re looking for ways to increase your commercial building’s air quality, shop our selection of fans and ducts. We’re sure to have something that can benefit your company.

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