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Does your business need industrial shop and warehouse fans? Most warehouses and industrial settings lack ventilation, creating a humid and musty atmosphere. This quality can damage products and machinery, giving them a shorter life span from dirt and moisture. Additionally, this environment can be uncomfortable for employees, especially in warmer months of the year.

Installing industrial fans for warehouses and other industrial environments can remedy these issues. Contact the experts at Indventech for all your fan service, purchasing and installation needs.

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How Large Warehouse Fans Support Ventilation

Warehouses are often open to the outdoors, which makes air conditioning the space impractical and costly. Instead, fans can effectively circulate air, reduce humidity and cool the temperature.

As large docking doors open and allow outside air to come in, fans placed strategically around the warehouse will expel dense hot air and create a natural airflow. Fans make a cost-effective solution for improving indoor air quality (IAQ) and creating safe ventilation for employees, products and machinery.

Available Fans at Indventech

Indventech offers several warehouse ceiling fans and other fan types to fit and effectively cool your warehouse space. Select your ideal industrial fan from the following options.

Hunter Fans

Your warehouse may need Hunter ceiling fans if hot, stagnant air tends to settle near the ceiling. These can be controlled through touch-screen technology and other accessories. Choose from four powerful Hunter fans:

Jan Fans

The Jan fan is the most energy-efficient fan on the market, with only 2.4 amps needed for power. This cooling fan is always in stock, and replacement parts are always available — in other words, the Jan fan is the most reliable industrial fan out there. Browse through our Jan fan selection, including:

Wall and Industrial Roof Exhaust Fans

Industrial exhaust fans can be mounted along the wall or on roofs near heavy machinery or areas that create moisture and gases. These robust fans cool equipment to improve its operational life span and prevent corrosion or deterioration.

Indventech offers various wall exhaust panel fans, from light to heavy-duty. These include:

Our industrial roof exhaust fans also range from light to heavy-duty, including:

Duct Fans

Duct fans are installed within a ventilation duct rather than through a wall. These fans take up less space on the building’s exterior and can direct air to areas that only sometimes get decent airflow. Duct fans can also eliminate the need for additional ductwork, as they consistently push air along.

You can choose from any of the following models to add to your current ductwork:

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Indventech has years of expertise in industrial ventilation technologies. Browse our selection of industrial fans, and request your quote today.

If you want more information on improving warehouse airflow, please refer to our ventilation resources.