Industrial Shop and Warehouse Fans

Industrial shop and warehouse fans from Indventech can provide air movement for a wide range of manufacturing, commercial, and industrial environments. Indventech offers air movement solutions and industrial ventilation technologies suitable for a variety of applications. We fill the gap that exists between customers and ventilation technology manufacturers, helping our customers find the best possible product or system for their needs.

Industrial Shop and Warehouse Fans

Jan Fans and Types of Mounts

At Indventech, we offer a wide range of man cooler fans and mounts for use in various applications, including aviation, agriculture, automotive, manufacturing, warehouse/distribution, and commercial facilities. We also offer components and replacement parts for all our fans. As the most energy-efficient industrial fans on the market, all Jan Fans run on only 2.4 amps and come with optional automatic energy saver timers for increased energy efficiency. Available blade sizes include 12″, 20″, 24″, and 30″.

Our selection of industrial fans and mounts includes:

  • Jan Fan Beam Mount Fan

    Beam Mount Fan. Beam Mount Jan Fans come with I-beam mounts for overhead installation. These make it easy to direct airflow without hampering floor processes.

  • Jan Fan - C-Channel Mount Fan

    C-Channel Mount Fan. This type of Jan Fan comes with a C-channel mount for easy installation on the wall or ceiling.

  • Jan Fan - Wall Ceiling Mount Fan

    Wall/Ceiling Mount Fan. Wall/Ceiling Mount Jan Fans feature easy-to-install industrial duty wall or ceiling mounts. They can be placed above machinery to provide extra cooling.

  • Jan Fan - Pedestal Fan

    Pedestal Fan. Our industrial Pedestal Fans can be positioned at any location on the floor. They come with a wide, stable steel base with threaded connections and an industrial duty pedestal column for secure mounting.

  • Jan Fan - Rugged Mobile Fan

    Rugged Mobile Fan. The Rugged Mobile Fan is attached to a 2-front wheel chassis mount. It can be rolled to any location on the shop floor if ventilation needs tend to vary throughout the day.

  • Jan Fan - 12 Safety Yellow Industrial Workstation Fan

    12″ Safety Yellow Industrial Fan. Our smallest fan for industrial operations, the 12″ safety yellow industrial fan can be placed at workstations to provide instant air movement when required.

Benefits and Features of Jan Fans

When ordering shop and warehouse fans from Indventech, you gain access to a wide range of beneficial product features. These include:

  • Safety yellow. All Jan Fans are yellow in color to increase visibility in the plant for enhanced safety.
  • Large guard. The large guard provides a 2.5’’ clearance from the blade to the guard in all directions. This not only provides extra safety, but it also makes it easier to perform maintenance.
  • Quick mounting ring. The mounting ring is tooled up to allow for quick and easy installation onto the pre-installed nuts on the motors.
  • Hinging guard system. Instead of hooks, Jan Fans feature a hinging guard system with loops, allowing the guard to be put together or taken apart without the need for tools. The safety hinge pins act as a hinge so the fans can swing open left/right or top/bottom for easy maintenance.
  • Jan fan blades. Jan Fan blades are designed for maximum air delivery. The blades are made from heavy-duty spring-type steel, and they can spring back into shape when bent.
  • Convenient motor/switch Design. Every type of Jan Fan uses the same motor for replacement convenience. The drop chain switch and pull chain switch are in the back housing for easier servicing without taking apart the motor assembly.

Industrial Fans from Indventech

At Indventech, we are proud to provide various shop & warehouse fans and mounting configurations to suit the needs of your facility. We also offer setup assistance as well as planning and installation services for larger air movement systems and solutions. Browse our catalog to check out our selection of Jan Fans or request a quote to get started on finding the right solution for your application.