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At Indventech, we provide a variety of high-quality air movement solutions, including Hunter industrial and commercial fans. As air movement experts, we aim to bridge the gap between users and manufacturers of industrial ventilation technologies, helping our customers find the ideal system or product for their application.

Our line of Hunter HVLS fans includes the Hunter Titan, the Hunter Eco, the Hunter XP, and the Hunter Trak. Instead of the typical gearbox, these high volume, low speed fans feature direct-drive motors, allowing for a more powerful, lightweight, efficient, and cost-effective design that requires minimal maintenance. They come in various speeds, diameters, downrod lengths, controls and color options. And we even offer installation services to get your fans running in no time. Our fan system professionals can help you with any aspect of the process, whether you install yourself, or want our help.

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Hunter Titan

The Hunter Titan HVLS ceiling fan is the most powerful option for an industrial ceiling fan. It features a lightweight five-blade airfoil design and comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from 14’ to 24’ in diameter.

Hunter Titan HVLS Ceiling Fan

Hunter Eco

The Hunter Eco HVLS ceiling fan is the most economical industrial ceiling fan. It features a lightweight four-blade airfoil design, a direct-drive motor, fan blades designed by aerospace engineers, and a full range of control options at a lower price than the Titan. Common applications include controlling temperatures in warehouses, fitness centers, and auto shops.

Hunter Eco HVLS Ceiling Fans

Hunter XP

Smaller spaces can benefit from the lightweight, four-blade airfoil design of the Hunter XP HVLS industrial ceiling fan. The variable speed control of the XP provides fully adjustable airflow for optimized efficiency and performance. This fan features a direct-drive motor, is powered by 110v input, comes standard with a 2’ rigid mount, and delivers quiet air movement, all at an unbeatable value.

Hunter XP HVLS Ceiling Fans

Hunter Trak

The Hunter Trak commercial ceiling fan is available in three color options and features extruded aluminum blades, a BL-DC motor, and an IP 44-rated plastic housing. It includes a standard 11″ downrod, a handheld remote control, and an optional light kit.

Hunter Commercial Trak Fans


The Sigma Thermal Advantage

Titan HVLS Fan

What Is an Industrial Fan?

Industrial fans provide optimal ventilation and temperature control in industrial or commercial settings. Industrial fans are available in several designs to suit various applications, from large ceiling fans to surface mounted or freestanding caged fans.

The materials and construction of industrial fans are factors that set them apart from conventional fans. Industrial fan blades are typically continuously welded heavier gauge plates of steel or aluminum. They rely on industrial duty bearings for long life and performance. Their shafts are driven at high speeds and can move more than 100,000 cubic feet of air per minute (CFM) with continuous reliability.

Industrial fans create a more comfortable work environment and can significantly reduce heating and air conditioning costs in industrial settings. They are vital to employee health in chemical, food, and medical processing by keeping proper ventilation in work areas. They also reduce moisture in the air of gyms and spas, and are heavily utilized in shipping, receiving, logistics, and warehousing applications.

Hunter Industrial Fans From Indventech

At Indventech, our industrial fan professionals will work with you to find the best fan solution for your needs. Indventech’s industrial and commercial fans offer up to 18 times greater performance than conventional high-speed fans and consume half of the energy. Our fans are engineered with aerospace technology and utilize direct-drive motors for the most efficient air movement in the industry.

For more information about our Hunter industrial and commercial fans, request a quote today or visit our online catalog.