Repair & Field Service


No matter what type of industry you work in or what purpose your fan or blower serves, make sure you call the team at Indventech for any ventilation or exhaust fan issues you’re having. We repair all different models and sizes of industrial fans, blowers, and dust collector systems, including industrial roof and wall exhaust fans, filtered exhaust or supply fans, commercial exhaust panel fans, and all types of dust collectors like portable, booth, cartridge, shaker, weld fume, and many others. A well-designed duct system must be installed correctly for efficient performance. Indventech understands velocity, pressure loss, and how to minimize inefficiencies. If any problem has prevented your air movement system from working properly, we can repair it. We are truly the go-to for industrial fan and duct repair services in any application. Remember, we specialize in industrial air movement, even if that means repairing your current system.

We provide field balancing, vibration analysis, repairs, re-designs, filter service, duct layout design and installation, dust collection, and any other service associated with your industrial ventilation system.

If your industrial blower system fails to rotate, provides no airflow, exceeds maximum vibration, or experiences excessive loss of lubrication, call Indventech for timely repairs. If your industrial fan is low in airflow, has a broken part, has a misaligned wheel, is leaking, or is making a loud noise and not running smoothly, call none other than Indventech for affordable repairs. If your dust collector needs a new filter or needs repairs of any kind, you’ll know whom to call! We can also provide re-designs.


Call Indventech for timely and proper installation of your new Hunter industrial ceiling fan, industrial roof exhaust system, centrifugal fan and blower, or any other system you have. Our team works efficiently and puts their experience to your advantage. Your new system will be up and running before you know it!

We install the following:

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Indventech offers a top-notch crew serving the Southeast region of the U.S. – send it to us or we’ll come to you!

Why service your industrial ventilation equipment?  Here are some key benefits:
1. Improve plant reliability and operating safety
2. Reduce investment in spare parts
3. Reduce production loss
4. Reduce power consumption
5. Extend life of existing equipment
6. Save cost of new by repairing existing with updated technology

Select a service below, chat with us, or call to discuss how we can best serve you.



At Indventech, we are the repair and installation experts because we have more than 20 years of industry experience and we have all the parts and accessories needed for prompt repairs. We pride ourselves in our industry experience and high-quality customer service.

By choosing Indventech for your repair or installation service, you can reduce downtime and production loss, prolong the life of your equipment, improve worksite safety, and reduce investment in spare parts. Call us at the first sign of exhaust fan issues or ventilation problems.



What is Dynamic Balancing?

Industrial fan balancing is the process of attempting to improve the mass distribution of a body so that it rotates in its bearings without unbalanced centrifuge forces. As with shaft alignment, balancing rotating machinery will contribute significantly to improving production profitability.


Indventech offers additional services including:

  • Balancing (static & dynamic as needed)
  • Repair
  • Installation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Facility Air Evaluation
  • Equipment Evaluation
  • System Recommendations

We take the guesswork out of fan & blower service, repair, and replacement. This is accomplished through:

  • Gathering detailed information either by phone or in person
  • Field measuring physical dimensions as needed
  • Field measuring airflow & operational data as needed
  • Reverse engineering as needed
  • Custom fan, blower, prop, and wheel replacements for easy plug-and-play
  • Solutions for virtually any fan design new or old

We can repair, rebuild, or replace your wheel, shaft, housing, or complete fan & accessories.

You can expect unmatched quality, detail, and responsive service.

Other fan service work offered includes:

  • Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) – Proactive Predictive Preventive
  • Emergency On-Site Fan Repair Service – (leave a message after hours!)
  • Bearing Repair and Replacement
  • Shutdown Inspections
  • Outage Work 






What are Optical Alignment Services and Laser Alignment Services?

Optical / Laser Alignment is the process through which two or more machines (typically a motor and pump, blower, or fan) are positioned such that the axis of rotation of both shafts should be co-linear at the point of power transfer from one shaft to another, when the machine is running under normal conditions.


What is Vibration Analysis?

Machinery vibration measurement and analysis contains a lot of useful information that will help determine the health of the machine. For example:

  • provides information for safe machine operation
  • can detect that the condition of the machine has changed
  • can be used to diagnose the cause of the change
  • can be used to classify the condition of a machine

Industrial vibration measurement is normally a non intrusive measurement procedure that can be carried out with the machine running in its normal operating condition. Vibration is an effect caused by machine condition.