Blog - How to install fan


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Why is it worth considering questions about how to install your industrial fan or blower? The industrial fan or blower is the heart of your system, providing airflow and pressure required for your system to perform. Although you may have a contractor say “no problem” when asked if they can install your industrial fan or blower, will they perform best practices to avoid potential problems down the road?

Here are some general questions for your designer, contractor, or supplier when considering how to install fans:

1 – Foundation: what characteristics does the structural support need to support my equipment?

2 – What are the major contributors to smooth operation and long life?

3 – How will duct work, transitions, and accessories be mounted and installed?

4 – What maintenance considerations should be addressed?

5 – What safety concerns should be considered?

While the above list is not comprehensive, it points you in the right direction. An installer aware of critical details required to have a successful installation will ask questions designed to lead in the direction of best practices. While best practice may not be achievable due to unchangeable variables, you should be aware of all possible details as you assess the feasibility of your industrial fan or blower installation project. Based on the answers you are provided, this will help you determine competence and trust going forward in this very important subject.

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