Exhaust Fan Types


Axial vs. Centrifugal Fans

Choosing the optimal type of exhaust fans is vital for operational efficiency. There are two main subsets of exhaust fan: axial and centrifugal. Axial fans move air or gas using axial force. The air moves parallel to the fan’s axis. This option provides low-pressure airflow and is optimal for general-purpose applications such as cooling confined spaces, cooling larger workspaces, and moving air from one place to another.

Centrifugal fans intake air and spin it around a disc, using centrifugal force to move the air to the fan’s outlet. These fans create high-pressure airflow and are well-suited to applications such as drying systems and air conditioning systems.

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Types of Exhaust Fans

Applications of Industrial Exhaust Fans

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There are several different types of exhaust fans designed for use in a range of applications. These types include:

Wall Mounted Exhaust Fans

This type of fan is affixed to an external wall, enabling the air the exit straight through the fan itself. Wall mounted exhaust fans are very time-efficient, as they are easy to devise and install.

Exterior Exhaust Fans

Exterior exhaust fans pull air from the building’s interior and expel it outside. This type of fan is suitable for environments that require minimal noise.

Roof Mounted Exhaust Fans

This type of fan is mounted to the roof and expels air from the room in which it is installed through a hole in the ceiling. 

Inline Exhaust Fans

For rooms that are poorly ventilated, inline exhaust fans are often an ideal solution. They are mounted between the ducting, helping expel bad air through the ducts.

Belt Drive Exhaust Fans

Belt drive exhaust fans have a belt attached to the rotor shaft and motor. They help to remove heat and dirty air, and they offer quiet operation. This type of exhaust fan also allows for more precise control by an operator than direct drive fans.

Benefits of Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans have a wide range of advantages, often serving to improve the health and safety of the surrounding environment. Enclosed areas with poor ventilation can benefit significantly from exhaust fans, as these devices can remove odors and harmful contaminants as well as bring fresh air back into the area.

Additionally, exhaust fans can reduce humidity in warm environments. This prevents the growth of mold and reduces the chances of paint peeling, drywall cracking, and diminished insulation. Exhaust fans can also protect items from the effects of extreme heat or cold. By moderating humidity and helping maintain the efficacy of insulation, these fans ensure the building will stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Applications of Industrial Exhaust Fans

The versatility of industrial exhaust fans makes them suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Clean air handling. Whether they are located within industrial system components or are functioning to move large amounts of air, exhaust fans can improve air quality within the facility and equipment.
  • Light dust loading. Exhaust fans are able to systematically move and collect dust, preventing particles from building up in equipment or throughout the facility.
  • Material handling. Various particles can often accumulate in industrial environments. Exhaust fans can process larger particles such as sawdust, paper trim, wood chips, grain, plastic pellets, and more.
  • Saturated air fans. When there is a high level of moisture or humidity in the air, it is known as saturated air. Centrifugal exhaust fans often serve to process this air, preventing an excess of moisture that could otherwise lead to corrosion or mold.
  • High temperature. Certain industrial applications, such as heat treating, create very high temperatures which require specialized equipment. Exhaust fans can safely circulate heated air in this type of harsh environment.

Exhaust Fan Solutions from Indventech

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