Industrial High-Volume, Low-Speed (HVLS) Fans

High-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fans are large-diameter fans designed to circulate high volumes of air while operating at low speeds. They achieve this function by directing the air downward. Once the air hits the floor, it disperses outward horizontally until it hits the walls or airflow from another fan, which then pushes it upward back toward the fan. The result is more even floor-to-ceiling air circulation and temperature regulation with lower energy utilization.

Due to the above benefits, HVLS fans see use in a wide range of industrial and commercial locations. Some of the typical facilities in which they are integrated include barns, manufacturing facilities and warehouses, medical offices, shopping malls and sporting centers, and worship centers. They are also employed in temporary structures, such as camps and storm shelters.

At Indventech, we maintain a broad selection of HVLS fan services—such as installation, servicing, and repair—to ensure our customers’ fans provide optimal performance within their facilities. Our service offerings include static and dynamic balancing, troubleshooting, air and equipment evaluation, and system recommendations. Check out our complete guide to HVLS Fans to learn more about them.

HVLS Fans From Indventech

At Indventech, our HVLS fans are both lightweight and powerful. They feature the following technical specifications:

  • Operating speeds: 61–200 rpm, with various increments
  • Diameters: 7–24 feet
  • Horsepower levels: 5/8 – 1 hp

For additional information about our HVLS, view our product catalog or request a quote today.

View Our Catalog of HVLS Fans

1566Titan 2471 rpm24 ft1 hp$5,570.00
1567Titan 2074 rpm20 ft1 hp$5,520.00
1568Titan 1895 rpm18 ft1 hp$5,470.00
1569Titan 16102 rpm16 ft1 hp$5,420.00
1570Titan 14105 rpm14 ft3/4 hp$5,370.00
1571Eco 2461 rpm24 ft5/8 hp$4,400.00
1572Eco 2077 rpm20 ft5/8 hp$4,350.00
1573Eco 1878 rpm18 ft5/8 hp$4,300.00
1574Eco 1695 rpm16 ft5/8 hp$4,250.00
1575Eco 14107 rpm14 ft5/8 hp$4,200.00
1576Eco 12107 rpm12 ft5/8 hp$4,150.00
1577Eco 10139 rpm10 ft5/8 hp$4,100.00
1578Eco 8156 rpm8 ft5/8 hp$4,050.00
1579XP 14108 rpm14 ft5/8 hp$3,750.00
1580XP 12108 rpm12 ft5/8 hp$3,450.00
1581XP 10139 rpm10 ft5/8 hp$3,250.00
1582XP 8156 rpm8 ft5/8 hp$3,150.00
1583XP 7200 rpm7 ft5/8 hp$2,950.00

Applications of HVLS Fans

As mentioned above, HVLS fans find application in many different industrial and commercial areas. For example:

  • In industrial facilities, such as warehouses and manufacturing floors, they are used to control environmental conditions—e.g., airflow and temperature. They may also be used at personnel-oriented events, including luncheons and other gatherings.
  • In agricultural facilities, such as barns, they are employed to regulate temperature and moisture levels for livestock and stored goods.
  • In commercial facilities, such as medical offices, shopping malls and sporting centers, and worship centers, they are installed in heavily trafficked areas to control environmental conditions to keep occupants cool and comfortable.
  • In temporary facilities, such as drilling and mining structures, military bases, refugee camps, and storm shelters, to maintain appropriate living and working conditions.

Benefits of HVLS Fans

When used in place of other types of fans for the aforementioned applications, HVLS fans offer several advantages:

  • For industrial facilities, they provide better airflow with lower investment costs. One 24-foot HVLS fan has the same air volume capacity as 25 36-inch standard industrial fans. Additionally, it can maintain the circulation of heated or cooled air in facilities greater than 10,000 square feet. These qualities make HVLS fans more cost-efficient and energy-efficient solutions for both cold and hot climates.
  • For agricultural facilities, they keep temperature and moisture at appropriate levels. In particular, maintaining these levels is critical for the health and well-being of livestock. Excessively high or low temperatures can cause heat exhaustion or hypothermia, respectively, while high humidity levels increase the change of infections such as mastitis.
  • For commercial facilities, they reduce heating and cooling costs. This advantage stems from their greater airflow capacities, which translates to more evenly distributed heated or cooled air through a facility.
  • For temporary facilities, they help moderate interior conditions in both hot and cold environments. Additionally, we can accommodate standalone or wall-mounted fan configurations depending on the space requirements and restrictions.

applications and benefits of HVLS fans