What is an HVLS fan? HVLS stands for High-Volume-Low-Speed. This is essentially an industrial-sized ceiling fan that is greater than 7 feet in diameter. HVLS fans rely on their size to effectively move large amounts of air, unlike smaller fans that rely on their high velocity to move small streams of air. Our HVLS fans will make a great addition to your HVAC system as they effectively move significant quantities of air at a fraction of the cost compared to multiple ceiling fans. 


HVLS fans produce a column of air that moves towards the floor and then out to the walls where it rises and cycles back to the fan in a convection-like movement. These fans operate quietly to minimize disruptions and disturbances. Our fans can effectively redistribute warm air into circulation during the winter. Remember, Indventech aims to provide a solution to your air movement problems. Give us a call and we will work with you to provide the optimal solution for your needs!


Proud Dealer & Factory Authorized Installer Of Hunter Industrial HVLS Fans

These large overhead fans are of excellent quality and reliability. They can improve the circulation of air in your industrial setting tremendously. We can install and repair your large overhead fans no matter where you are in the US. 

For starters, these HVLS fans are light, efficient, and easier to install. Hunter HVLS fans use 50% less energy than the average competitor. Due to the weight of the fans, the number of people, equipment and time required to install, installation is estimated to be about 22% easier. The Hunter HVLS fans, on average, come in at about 200lbs. This is 32% lighter than the 294lb competition. 

What makes Hunter HVLS fans so great?

Hunter HVLS fans come with options. Depending on the size of your space and your needs, there is a Hunter HVLS fan for you. We have provided customers all over the world with air movement solutions using the top-of-the-line HVLS fans from Hunter. Popular models are currently the Titan, Eco, and XP fans from Hunter. Our skilled technicians can customize a plan to solve your air movement needs with the help of our quality products like the Hunter HVLS fans. If you know what you need to do, give us a call and we will be happy to help. If you don't know what needs to be done, not a problem! Our experts will work with you to learn what needs to be done, come up with a plan, and put the plan into action.

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