Hunter Industrial HVLS Ceiling Fans + Duke Energy Rebate


Hey North Carolina and South Carolina! Duke Energy has added a new rebate in their 2018 program for HVLS Ceiling Fans at $1,000/fan for retrofits where they are replacing less-efficient ventilation fans. What a great opportunity to take advantage of the great benefits that Hunter Industrial and Indventech offer through the supply and installation of the most efficient HVLS fan on the market bar none. 

Did you know?

  • Hunter Industrial makes the most efficient fans in the world, which gives you massive performance while using less power. Less power leads to lower operating costs and year-round savings for you. You’ll save more than half of the energy use compared to other HVLS fans and up to 18 times the power of conventional high speed fans. 
  • While other manufacturers use re-purposed gearboxes to inefficiently power fans, Hunter Industrial created the world’s first direct drive motor specifically for HVLS fans. This means our motor is the most efficient based on CFM testing.
  • Instead of taking from outdated sources like our competitors, we teamed up with an aerospace engineer on our fan blade profile to maximize the efficiencies of the rotor for our speeds and diameters.
  • While other manufactures carry HVLS fans, our fans are much lighter and operate on less horsepower. Does that mean we are less powerful than our competitors? No, actually quite the opposite, it means we can deliver more CFM while lowering your operating costs.
  • Our 24’ Titan fan produces 325,000 CFM on 1 HP, while a single 48” barrel fan can only produce 17,000 CFM on 1 HP. One 24' Titan = 18 BARREL FANS!

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