Big, Huge, Giant, Monster Ceiling Fans

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Thanks to the marketing of a donkey's rear end, many people are now familiar with High Volume Low Speed ceiling fans. Knowing that your electric bill will be reduced (ROI is generally less than 3 years), what questions are important to answer when deciding on whether this is a good fit for you? Here's a quick starter HVLS checklist (not comprehensive - ahem - must cover myself for the smart ones out there) to get your wheels turning:

  • Is the area you are considering open and generally unobstructed?
  • Are there processes that could be negatively affected by a breeze?
  • What is the temperature of the air you will be moving?
  • What type of power is available?
  • How is your lighting situated and how does this affect choice?
  • Do you have fire sprinklers and how will this affect install?
  • Do I need more than one fan?
  • How much air do I really need?

There is a lot of hot air being marketed by the manufacturers. The facts are simple. Avoid costly mistakes and work with the company that invented the ceiling fan in the 19th century and finally joined our industrial sector. Use a purpose built, sleek, no frills fan with the highest quality components backed by the biggest ceiling fan manufacturer in the world. Hunter.

Contact us. We can get into the details with you, keep it simple, and quote and/or install (we are both dealer and authorized installer). Do this with confidence and avoid the hype.